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Benefits of Using COMPAS

COMPAS is a document management system that provides quick access to documents and document-related information throughout a development life cycle.
  • It is designed to aid in the development of documentation. . .
  • to aid in planning. . .
  • scheduling. . .
  • tracking of project progress. . .
  • to support verification and validation of development products. . .
  • and to provide metrics for use both in controlling the current project and in planning future projects.
Using COMPAS developers can achieve improvements in productivity and product quality, and managers can have more control over the development life cycle. The purpose of COMPAS is
  • to reduce the complexity of document development,
  • provide support for activities that ensure the quality of documentation,
  • provide metrics for documentation and document-related processes,
  • and provide control over the way documentation procedures are applied in the document life-cycle.

How COMPAS is used:

  • Document Owner
    • Deliver document to COMPAS database
    • Schedule and announce technical review or inspection
    • Baseline document
    • Determine status of document
    • Review contents of document
    • Review MRs written against document
    • Resolve MRs
    • Modify document text and document attribute information
    • Maintain document notification list
    • Maintain links to related documents
    • Schedule and announce code inspection
  • Developer or Tester
    • Search and determine which technical documents and process documents relate to your development or test function
    • Determine if document is baselined (chg_ctl status)
    • Organize and maintain WorkSpace Folders for frequently used documents
    • Add yourself to frequently used document notification lists
    • Reuse existing templates and document text
    • Browse information in documents
    • Determine if documents are current or correct
    • Enter MRs against documents
    • List reviews that are currently scheduled
    • Determine point of contact for questions on related development functions
  • Project Manager
    • Setup new project and trackable work items in COMPAS
    • Use COMPAS to meet ISO 9001/9003 requirements
    • Maintain project process documents (See Developer role)
    • Get status reports and track status of project documents
    • Track reviews via review reports
    • Get MR reports and track MRs for project documents
    • Determine nature and status of MRs for project documents
    • Search and review information about functionally related documents
    • Generate and study review or inspection statistics
    • Assess process and product quality and productivity via data and statistics then update process documents
  • Project Librarian
    • Assist in review coordination
    • Enter data from technical reviews
    • Enter data from code inspections
    • Update document data and status information
    • Monitor adherence to ISO control process and assist developers
    • Monitor MR flow
    • Assist in baselining documents



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