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COMPAS Enterprise Document Management

COMPAS is an easy to use, powerful, and cost-effective way to capture, share, and protect your valuable product and corporate knowledge. It provides solutions for managing content throughout the organization and automating and streamlining business processes. It allows for centralized management, storage, retrieval and distribution of documents to employees and customers.

More about COMPAS:

  1. Features
    This sections describes the many features available in our document management system.
  2. Benefits
    This section describes the benefits of using our document management system.
  3. COMPAS Support Options
    We offer some tutorials, a help subsystem, Frequently Asked Questions, and documentation in this support section.
  4. Pricing and License
    Visit this section to learn more about our license fees and low cost pricing structure.
  5. System RequirementsThis section lists the server and system requirements needed as part of the installation process.



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